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kiss the girl

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The Writer
Hello there fanfic readers and internet creepers! Hah, actually I hope you're not the latter, but anyway. I'm Sarah (misswritten), a nineteen year old fangirl/writer from Philadelphia currently in college on Long Island. I've been writing since forever, my first "novel" being A Toe Full of Lead when I was eight. Hah, yeah. I've been writing fanfiction since I was fifteen. I started out with Dirty Dancing Havana Nights before graduating to A Series of Unfortunate Events. My bigtime fanfic fandom was Rent (I have way too many Rent fics). I don't write fanfic as much as I used to (I wish I did!) but now and then, you'll see a fic in one of my fandoms listed below. I hope you like my stories. Gosh, that last bit was cheesy.

++ Bare
++ Gossip Girl
++ Doctor Who
++ Spring Awakening
++ The Office
++ Torchwood

++ Peter/Jason, Matt/Nadia [Bare]
++ Chuck/Blair, Nate/Vanessa [Gossip Girl]
++ Doctor/Rose [Doctor Who]
++ Melchior/Moritz, Hanschen/Ernst, Melchior/Wendla [Spring Awakening]
++ Jim/Pam, Dwight/Angela [The Office]
++ Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Owen [Torchwood]

Other Randomness
++ Feedback of any kind is truly appreciated. Concrit is great too, because everyone has some room for improvement.
++ Feel free to friend this journal if you like my fics. Feel free to friend my personal journal if you're intrigued by my life. Feel free to friend both!! We all love friends.
++ I'm currently taking requests. Leave a comment at this post with the fandom, characters/pairings, inspiring words or a plot idea, and anything else you'd like to see. I'll be more than happy to write something for you.
++ All of my fics are clearly labeled with pairings and appropriate warnings. If you see a pairing you don't really like, don't read it and then yell at me for writing it. I've never had this problem on LJ, but it's popped up a few times on FFN. So, please. I don't care that you don't like Melchior/Moritz or whatever. I'm going to write it regardless of whether or not I have your approval.
++ I'm not sure if this ever causes confusion or not, but I post my fanfics in this journal, and the post them to the communities through my personal journal. I also reply to comments with my personl journal. I just don't want public entries clogging my friends only journal. So dramaticscarf = misswritten. We are the same person! Oh, now I sound like I have some sort of identity disorder...
++ If you were wondering or you weren't sure, the lyrics used for links and such are from the song "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid. Just because it's my all time favorite song.

Master List of Fanfiction
Big Damn Table for rent_100
My Account on FFN (I no longer post my fics here)
My Account on FP (I don't post here much)
My personal journal: misswritten
A community I co-mod: bare_fic